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Official name: Hunedoara  Other names: Eisenmarkt, Vajdahunyad, Huniadstadt

Hunedoara is a city in Hunedoara district, SW Transylvania.  Being an industrial city for centuries, it has suffered much, especially during the communist era.  In the last decades entire neighborhoods of concrete apartment buildings have been built to house the increasing number of people working in the factories.  However, the first such neighborhoods were built with a pleasant architecture and streets lined with trees, more than half a century ago in the upper town.  The city was relatively wealthy because of the foundries and steel mills which employed about 70000 workers.  However, after the collapse of communism the factories fell into decay.  The town is now struggling to survive and only about 20000 employees still work in the now, mostly derelict factories, which are slowly being dismantled.  However, there is a good side to this: the town is not being chocked by dust and pollution anymore.

Hunedoara receives little tourism, and only for its impressive gothic castle.  It is a gateway to the nearby Hatzeg land and the Retezat and Poiana Rusca mountains and can be used as a base to explore the region.  There is only one hotel in the city, the "Rusca", but  private accomodations can be found.

History of Hunedoara

The city of Hunedoara has a few attractions to offer.  The main attraction is the impressive gothic castle.

Panoramic views over the city.
Hunedoara Photo Album
The gothic castle of the Corvins.  The interior of the castle.
The old churches.  The reformed 17th century church.  The orthodox 15th century and 18th century churches.
The old quarter near the castle.  19th century architecture in the old town center.  The catholic church.  The theater.